Wholesale Rice

Wholesale Rice

1SuccessResults Trading Corp (Philippines) imports, distributes and trades a wide assortment of wholesale rice products from all over the globe. Our primary rice suppliers are from Vietnam, specializing in 5451, DT8 and 504 rice specifications.

The largest rice market is the milled white rice variety, often referred to as “polished”. The outer husk is removed, and the layers of bran are milled until the grain is white. We also source wholesale organic rice, bulk brown rice, and the aromatic rice types which are popular for their nut-like aroma and taste.

As one of the leading importers and distributor of wholesale rice in the Philippines, we partner with the largest and most reliable plantations in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia, as well as local warehouses in Luzon.


OM 5451 varietyDai Thom 8 (DT8) variety
• Broken (3/4 max): 5.0%• Broken (3/4 max): 5.0%
• Moisture (max): 14.5%• Moisture (max): 14.5%
• Foreign matter (max): 0.5%• Foreign matter (max): 0.5%
• Damaged kernels (max): 0.5%• Damaged kernels (max): 0.5%
• Yellow kernels (max): 0.5%• Yellow kernels (max): 0.5%
• Chalky kernels (max): 2.0%• Chalky kernels (max): 2.0%
• Red and streaked kernels (max): 0.5%• Red and streaked kernels (max): 0.5%
• Average length of grain (min): 6.6 mm• Average length of grain (min): 6.8 mm
• Paddy (grains/50 Kgs) (max): 5.0• Paddy (grains/50 Kgs) (max): Nil
• Milling degree: Well milled, polished and sortexed• Milling degree: Well milled, double polished and sortexed
• Crop: Current year 2021• Crop: Current Year 2021
• 50 kg & 25 kg sacks• 50 kg & 25 kg sacks

Brands: We carry the popular brands such as Blueberry 5451 rice, Angelica, Sinandomeng, Dinorado, Falcon rice (Thailand), Emata (Myanmar), Lotus Blossom, Matador (Philippines) and more! Ranging from 5% – 25% broken.

Packaging: We offer many different bulk rice options. We can deliver all the above types of rice in different configurations, such as: bulk vessel, bulk containers, bagged in 20 kg,  50 kg and retail. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100k sacks.

Rice Sales & Purchase Procedures

In accordance with the terms and conditions, the Seller agrees to sell to the Purchaser , and the Purchaser  agrees to purchase, accept, and pay for the Products requested by the Purchaser  through the issuance of Corporate Offer to Purchaser  (the “Corporate Offer”).


Contract Closure Procedures & Shipping/Delivery of Goods for Payment

1. Purchaser signs FCO/ICPO + full bank details to Seller.

2. The Seller issues SPA Contract with full bank co-ordinates to the Purchaser for the inclusion of their details and proforma invoice .

3. Purchaser reviews, addresses any modifications and confirms contract for execution.

4. The Purchaser initials each page and signs and seals the appropriate pages. The Purchaser will return the draft by return email to Sellers or sign electronically using Adobe-E-Sign sent by Seller.

5. The Seller completes, signs and seals the contract by electronic version and returns a final pdf copy to the Buyer. This pdf (EDT) copy shall be considered legal and binding.

6. The Purchaser shall issue a current Proof of Funds (POF) such as Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) via Secure Swift Message (MT799) immediately after signing this Agreement

7. Purchaser and Seller shall, within one banking day of signing this Agreement, lodge a copy of the contract with their respective banks.

8. Purchaser issues within one banking day of signing this Agreement, Auto Renewable Letter of Credit (ARLC) and Bankers Guarantee (BG) to Seller’s Bank via Secure Swift MT760 , for approval. ARLC & BG verbiage to be finalized within 24 hours by Seller.

9.Purchaser to send SBLC to Buyer’s bank within 48 hours after ARLC & BG verbiage is approved by Buyer and confirmed acknowledgement or receipt by Seller’s Bank.

10. The Seller arranges shipment within 10-15 Working days from the confirmation of ARLC and Laycan follows immediately. Follows shipment thereafter.

11. While sailing on transit, the Seller shall inspect the logistics and warehouses of the Purchaser to determine readiness of accepting the cargoes and unload on time without incurring demurrage costs for delays.

12. Seller presentation Full set of export document and Proof of Product to Buyer.

13. Buyer immediate settles proceeds to Seller as per Payment Terms in the Sales & Purchase agreement

14. Process Repeats for Shipping for each regular monthly shipment till the total quantity of this agreement is completed with
rolls and extensions to be mutually agreed.

wholesale rice warehouse Philippines
wholesale rice warehouse Philippines
rice - blueberry
wholesale rice Philippines
rice - blueberry 50kg

We scout for the cheapest price of rice in a volume of at least 100,000 bags order for our clients who buy in bulk. We serve as the link for the end-user rice dealers/distributors in the Philippines. Our rice is well milled, mist-polished, and color sorted, using state of the art Satake machinery from Japan.

Philippines Rice Facts: Rice is produced extensively in Luzon, the Western Visayas, Southern Mindanao, and Central Mindanao. In 1989 almost 9.5 billion tons of palay were produced. In 1990 palay accounted for 27 percent of value added in agriculture and 3.5 percent of GNP.

Contact Details: Eunice Mae (CEO) +63 927 396 4140.

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